Thursday, November 21, 2019

Aviation Transport Services In The United Arab Emirates Research Paper

Aviation Transport Services In The United Arab Emirates - Research Paper Example The airline is among the leading air carriers internationally in terms of passenger-kilometers (Etheredge 2011, p.93). It has also managed to stand out as the leading airline in Asia and the Middle East, and this has led to its success in terms of biggest revenue base, passengers carried, and fleet size (Etheredge 2011, p.93). By 2014, it had been announced as the fourth largest airline internationally in terms of passengers ferried and the third largest in respect with kilometers covered for both passenger and freight services (Eriksson-Zetterquist et al. 2011, p.234). Emirate Airline operated the longest non-stop commercial flights to San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles and Dallas from Dubai (Eriksson-Zetterquist et al. 2011, p.234). Emirate Airline manages a mixed fleet of Boeing w-body aircraft and Airbuses. This is one of the few airline companies that manage an all wide-body aircraft fleet in the world (Plunkett 2009, p.43). Emirate Airline is among the leading airlines in airbuses purchases having placed an order for more than 140 of this, in 2013 alone. It has also managed to create a strong brand name as the leading airline company in Asia in terms of excellence, profitability and profit margins (Plunkett 2009, p.43). The aviation consultancy group known as Skytrax rates Emirates Airlines as a fou r-star airline. In 2013, Emirate Airline was voted as the most successful airline of the year 2013 (Al-Romaithi 2006, p.46). In the year 2012, Emirate Airline purchased a new Boeing jet, which became its 102nd airplane to join the Emirate Airline’s Boeing 777 fleet (Plunkett 2009, p.43). Cities that join the Emirate Airline’s network in 2012 include Seattle, Buenos Aires, Lusaka, Dublin, Harare, Rio de Janeiro, Dallas, Barcelona, Washington Lisbon and Ho Chi Minh City.

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